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Dear all,

Aiming to stimulate and steer coordinated research towards Future Internet, the EC FIArch group has recently completed the effort dedicated to the design principles of the Future Internet Architecture . This constitutes the 2nd concrete outcome of the group after documenting the "Fundamental Limitations of current Internet" in March 2011. By
preserving, evolving or rethinking existing design principles or raising seeds of new ones, the identified design principles are expected to a large degree govern the future architecture of the Internet.

In parallel, many significant research efforts have been conducted that target similar objectives. In the context of the EC FIArch activities, efforts of interest are those that target transformative evolution of the Internet architecture, i.e., that cannot be efficiently and long-term addressed by means of i) capacity investment: incremental infrastructure investment, and/or ii) capability investment: incremental and reactive improvement of Internet protocols.

Realization of this transformative evolution of the Internet architecture requires iterative multi-disciplinary research cycles. For this purpose, the EC FIArch has initiated a task on performing systematic analysis of the experimental results these efforts have produced since so far, determine which ones are progressively reaching a certain level of maturity and what are the missing pieces that remain to be realized in order to propose a foundational baseline for the architecture evolution of the Internet.

With this Call for Position Paper, we ask researchers in the area to contribute towards this gap analysis. Interested researchers should send their contributions/position papers to the email list. The FIArch group will evaluate all position papers and the authors of the selected ones will join the FIArch group and will be invited to present their ideas in a workshop to be hosted by EC in Brussels (tentative date 27 September 2012).

Best Regards,
Dimitri Papadimitriou, Alcatel-Lucent
Theodore Zahariadis, Synelixis